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1. Why did Twin Oaks Community Services merge with Greater Trenton Behavioral HealthCare?

The future viability and success of non-profits and other entities relies on strategic planning and the strength of partnerships. The merger combines two clinically strong, fiscally sound organizations with a shared mission focused on improving the quality of life for individuals and families. With 150 programs serving 16,000 consumers, over 1,850 employees and a budget of 98 million dollars, Oaks Integrated Care will emerge as one of New Jersey’s most comprehensive and forward-looking human service providers.

2. Why the name Oaks Integrated Care?

The name reflects the qualities of the mighty oak, which has deep roots, many branches, and as a work of nature, continues to grow and reach the highest heights. By focusing on integrated care, we can begin to treat the whole person to achieve both mental and physical wellness.

3. Are you a state or county agency?

No! Oaks Integrated Care is a private, non-profit agency. We do receive funding from the state of New Jersey, county government and generous private donors.

4. What services does Oaks Integrated Care offer?

We offer a variety of behavioral health and wellness services for adults, children and families. See our services page for a detailed description or call our Access Center Line- 1-800-963-3377.

5. Where do you provide services?

We provide services in nine different counties throughout New Jersey: Burlington, Camden, Mercer, Monmouth, Somerset, Salem, Cumberland, Atlantic and Gloucester.

6. How are individuals referred to Oaks Integrated Care?

Physicians, United Way 211, Board of Social Services, all state providing agencies (i.e. Division of Youth and Family Services, Division of Developmental Disabilities, etc.), self and/or family referral through our Access Center Line, 1-800-963-3377.

7. Must you fall below the poverty level or have a limited income to access services?

No! While we provide services on a sliding sale to accommodate individuals with limited means, our goal is to provide services whenever needed no matter the income of the consumer.