Donor Spotlight: foodwerx

Posted on April 13, 2016

When it comes to food, there’s no limit to Owner Nick Wall’s imagination. Think bacon spoons topped with a special ‘goo’- pretzels, caramel and salted peanuts
for a punchy, savory and sweet delight. Or hanging charcuterie- little spears of beef suspended from a rack, enticing guests to have a taste.

Nick has a passion for food but he also has a passion for helping his community. Since the start of our Progressive Dinner fundraisers in 2004, foodwerx has participated as the cocktails and hors d’oeuvres chef in more than 10 dinners throughout Moorestown and Haddonfield. They go above and beyond with personalized menus served up with an added ‘wow’ factor that is always a delight to dinner guests. Throughout the year foodwerx has also donated lunches for Crisis Intervention Team trainings and our foster care program’s “School of Rock” performances.

Thank you foodwerx team for your commitment to our organization and the community!

– Rachael

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Committed to Change in Camden

Posted on April 6, 2016

Poverty. Crime. Violence. Trauma. Unfortunately, these are the harsh words frequently used to define the city of Camden, New Jersey. We believe it’s our job to look beyond these words and see that Camden is a community with the strength and resiliency to push past these challenges. Most importantly, we see the opportunity for change and commit to providing essential services to children, adults and families right in the heart of Camden. While we have had a presence in the city for over 50 years, in 2015 we expanded that footprint significantly.

At the start of this school year, Oaks began providing support to students in 7 different Camden schools through our School Based Youth Services Programs (SBYSP). Each week, the program enriches the lives of approximately 300-400 students through a multitude of health and social services on site during and after school. In a city where less than half of students graduate high school, SBYSP strives to help youth complete their education, obtain skills to lead to continuing education or employment and graduate healthy and drug free.

This past summer, we had the incredible opportunity to train nearly 300 members of the Camden County Police Department on how to help a person in psychiatric distress. Police often respond first to a person experiencing a mental health crisis. Training helps law enforcement learn to cope with these difficult situations and increase safety for everyone involved- officers, individuals in crisis and bystanders. In 2016, trainings will expand to give police dispatchers the knowledge and skills necessary to identify a caller in crisis and respond effectively.

Our Project for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH) program continues to increase outreach at transportation hubs, shelters, soup kitchens and drop in centers to individuals who are homeless or at risk of being homeless. PATH places individuals with a serious mental illness in appropriate housing and links them to formal mental health treatment.

Additionally, Children’s Mobile Response responded to nearly 600 families in Camden experiencing a crisis in 2015. CMR offers immediate in-home crisis stabilization services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The family focused approach helps defuse the immediate crisis, maintain a safe living environment, prevent inappropriate hospitalizations and link to follow-up services.

Our job is not done. The challenges may be daunting but they are not insurmountable. Moving forward, we plan to strengthen these programs and expand our reach to serve more children, adults and families in Camden. You can work hand and hand with us by donating, advocating and volunteering to make it a safer, healthier city for citizens to grow and thrive. Let’s take advantage of the opportunity as a community to see the potential and commit to true change in Camden.

Bob Pekar
Chief Executive Officer

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Diaper Derby – Help Families Like Melody’s

Posted on March 30, 2016

Oaks Integrated Care Diaper Derby Logo 2016Our Diaper Derby is underway! Diapers directly impact a family’s ability to thrive and be self-sufficient. Unfortunately, many families in our programs cannot afford to pay for necessary baby items. Although safety net programs such as SNAP and WIC help with the cost of food, they do not cover the cost of diapers. Your donation to the Diaper Derby will help families like Melody’s –

Melody’s mother, Sara, has struggled with addiction her entire life. Melody was forced to grow up quickly, often worrying about her mother, when they would eat next and where they would stay at night. At seventeen, Melody found out she was pregnant and knew it was time to make a change.

Determined to provide a better life for her daughter, Melody relocated to her grandmother’s home to secure a stable living situation and began participating in our Teenage Parent Program (TAPP). TAPP provides counseling, case management, peer support groups and education to pregnant and parenting teens and their families.

Five months ago, Melody gave birth to a beautiful little girl named Kendall. She obtained a part-time job and continues to attend high school and participate in an employment program to learn job skills. One day, her dream is to attend college and become a nurse. The diapers Melody will receive through our Diaper Derby will make a huge difference to this young mother striving to provide for her daughter and their future.

Learn more about our Diaper Drive and how YOU can make a difference!

– Rachael

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Join our race to 15,000 Diapers!

Posted on March 15, 2016

Oaks Integrated Care Diaper Derby Logo 2016

Our Diaper Derby is underway! We’re racing to collect diapers, wipes, formula and other necessary items for our most vulnerable consumers – babies!

Items collected from this drive help families in need throughout Oaks Integrated Care programs. YOU can help!

  1. Run your OWN Diaper Derby. Get your classmates, co-workers or community involved. We will provide you with a toolkit including collection bins, posters and email templates. *This is a great activity for middle and high school students!
  2. Drop off donations to a Oaks Integrated Care location.
  3. Donate online or mail monetary contributions to: Oaks Integrated Care, 770 Woodlane Road, Suite 16, Mt. Holly, NJ 08060.

Please consider donating – every donation is a huge help!

– Rachael

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Posted on March 1, 2016

Give your dresses a second chance so deserving teens can attend their prom in style! This spring, teens in our community will have the opportunity to shop for their prom dresses and accessories. We accept donations of formal dresses in good condition of all sizes, colors and styles appropriate for a high school prom. Please also consider donating dress shoes, formal purses, clutches, shawls and jewelry.


Hold a Dress Drive
Get your classmates, co-workers or community involved. Oaks Integrated Care can provide you with a toolkit including collection bins, posters and email templates.
*This is a great activity for high school students!

Drop-Off Details
Monday through Friday, 9 a.m – 5 p.m.
NOW until March 31, 2016.

Oaks Integrated Care Locations
79 Chestnut Street, Lumberton, NJ
770 Woodlane Road, Suite 23, Mt. Holly, NJ
128 Cross Keys Road, Berlin, NJ
1138 E. Chestnut Avenue, Unit 3A, Vineland, NJ
31 Lexington Avenue, Ewing, NJ 08618

Contact us at 609-267-5928 or visit our Project Dress Up page.

– Rachael

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Save the Date: 2016 Haddonfield Progressive Dinner

Posted on February 24, 2016


Mark your calendars for an evening of food, friends and fun all in the name of charity. Our 7th annual Haddonfield Progressive Dinner will be April 29, 2016!

Attendees will begin the evening with a cocktails and hors d’oeuvres reception at the beautiful Haddonfield home of Sam and Colette Gabriel . From there, attendees will enjoy an intimate dinner with friends prepared by a talented area chef in a Haddonfield home.

For more information on tickets, sponsorships and more, visit our Haddonfield Progressive Dinner page.

2015 Haddonfield Progressive Dinner Hosts

2015 Haddonfield Progressive Dinner Hosts

Please take a moment to enjoy all the photos from last year’s Haddonfield Progressive Dinner.

– Rachael

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Become a 2016 Sponsor

Posted on February 18, 2016

Oaks Integrated Care needs your support as a corporate sponsor! Because of the generosity of our community partners, we can provide critical programs for the area’s most vulnerable children, adults and families.

We offer several monetary levels for a sponsorship package that encompasses all 3 of our major fundraising events:

Haddonfield Progressive Dinner- April 29, 2016
Moorestown Progressive Dinner- TBD
Touch A Truck- September 24, 2016

Proceeds from the events will benefit our Food Pantries in Mt. Holly and Berlin. Your sponsorship will strengthen our capacity to provide behavioral health services while demonstrating your commitment to those in need. To learn more, visit our sponsorship page!

– Rachael

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Ebony’s Artwork

Posted on February 12, 2016

You’re invited to join us in celebration of Black History Month for a showing of original artwork by Ebony Randall, a member of the R.I.T.E. Self Help Center. Ebony’s art has always been a part of her life and her pieces reflect the joys and struggles she has encountered. She likes to think of each piece of artwork and each day of her recovery as a work in progress.

Artwork will be on display through the month of February; Tuesday- Saturday, 12:00 – 6:00 p.m.


The R.I.T.E. Center
693 Main Street
Amherst Commons Building C
Lumberton, NJ 08048
For More Information Call The Center: 609-518-7293

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the beautiful artwork!



– Rachael

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Getting to Know Mercer Services

Posted on January 20, 2016

On July 1, 2015 when Twin Oaks merged with Greater Trenton Behavioral Healthcare, we proudly welcomed 15 new programs from Mercer County to our family of services. Since 1981, Greater Trenton Behavioral HealthCare has helped tens of thousands of Mercer County residents find innovative, life-enhancing solutions to their mental health and substance abuse problems.

As we move forward together as Oaks Integrated Care, our roots are now stronger than ever. Mercer service areas include:

Last year, Mercer programs served over 3,000 children and adults in need of support in our community. Adults like Carlos…

Carlos was unemployed, living in a homeless shelter and trying his best to cope with his schizophrenia. Without a proper diagnosis or medication, Carlos was having trouble functioning day to day. A Mercer outreach coordinator met him at the shelter and over time, gained his trust. Carlos gained the courage to start attending Outpatient Services where he was evaluated, diagnosed and given the proper medication. He also began individual and group therapy. After just over a year in the program, Carlos is now employed full time, living in his own apartment and attending college part time. No dreams are too big- he hopes to one day graduate and become an engineer.

– Rachael

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Why Integrated Care?

Posted on January 4, 2016

Integrated Care As many of you know, on July 1, 2015 Twin Oaks Community Services merged with Greater Trenton Behavioral Healthcare to form Oaks Integrated Care. The most frequent question I receive is, “Why the new name?”.

By focusing on integrated care, we can begin to treat the whole person to achieve both mental and physical wellness. Individuals living with mental illness face an increased risk of having chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity. In fact, adults living with serious mental illness die on average 25 years earlier than the general population.

The deaths are largely due to treatable, preventable medical conditions caused by risk factors including smoking, poor nutrition, lack of exercise, substance abuse, metabolic syndrome and inadequate access to medical care. The general lack of coordination between mental health and primary healthcare providers also contributes to the problem.

So how do we begin to address these issues? A variety of programs throughout our organization currently offer integrated care including substance abuse services, smoking cessation groups, nutrition planning, onsite flu shots, exercise groups and linkage to primary,specialty and dental care. Many also perform routine monitoring of blood pressure, weight and other vitals.

In October 2015, we took a big step toward expanding integrated care services by opening a Behavioral Health Home in Mercer County. Adults with a mental health diagnosis and their families will learn to develop the skills needed to manage their own health and reach personalized wellness goals.

The program offers coaching on how to manage chronic health conditions and works to coordinate treatment between all healthcare providers. Consumers have access to healthy lifestyle activities including exercise coaching, a fitness center, walking groups, nutrition/cooking classes and more.

This innovative approach paves the way for the future as we continue to expand integrated care services throughout the organization in 2016 and beyond. Thank you for your continued support along the way.

Bob Pekar

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