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Join Our Race to 15,000 Diapers!

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Get ready for Diaper Derby March 15 – April 15! Join our race to collect diapers and other baby items for families in need. Did you know one in three families in the United States struggle to provide a basic need for their babies – clean and dry diapers? Many families in Oaks programs cannot afford to pay for necessary baby items. Although safety-net programs such as food stamps and WIC help with the cost of food, they do not cover the cost of diapers. YOU can help! Run your OWN Diaper Derby Get your classmates, co-workers or community involved. Oaks can provide you with a toolkit including collection bins, posters and email templates. *This is a great activity for [...]

Diaper Derby: Help Brianna

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Recently, I introduced you to Bruce and Wendy who struggle with the costs of diapers and described why donations to the Diaper Derby are so crucial. Today, I’d like to tell you about Brianna. Brianna is a sixteen year old mother of an infant. Six months ago, Brianna joined the Twin Oaks Teenage Parents Program (TAPP) which supports young adults in their transition to parenthood. Brianna receives diapers and baby wipes from TAPP when they are available, but TAPP’s supply is reliant on donations received through the Diaper Derby. Because Brianna juggles being a full-time student and mother, she is unable to contribute to her family’s income. This means Brianna’s mother is the sole provider for a household of 6 [...]