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Connect to Oaks Integrated Care

Oaks Integrated Care employees are able to access commonly used systems via remote access. If you have difficulties accessing these tools, please contact the person listed.

Connect to Ultipro
Questions? Email Ultipro.Support@oaksintcare.org.

Connect to Microsoft Outlook Exchange
Questions? Call (609) 845-3727 or email helpdesk@oaksintcare.org.

Connect to Citrix
Questions? Call (609) 845-3727 or email helpdesk@oaksintcare.org.

Connect to Essential Learning
Questions? Email EL.Support@oaksintcare.org.

Connect to Cyber
Questions? Call (609) 845-3727 or email helpdesk@oaksintcare.org.

Connect to Qualifacts Care Logic
Questions? Contact MIS CareLogic Team (609) 845-3780 x2273 or carelogic@oaksintcare.org.