Strengthening Communities Together

Are you a nonprofit looking for an opportunity to partner in today’s changing healthcare environment? If you have worked hard to successfully grow, advance your mission and develop relationships in the community, now is the time to protect your efforts and look at partnerships as a pro-active, effective strategy. This is our opportunity to create positive change and further impact for the people who need our help the most.

Why Partner with Oaks?

We must consider creative and innovative approaches to ensure that we will be here in the future to serve the people who desperately need our services. A partnership can strengthen service delivery, improve financial stability and maximize efficiencies. Together we will reach more communities and improve health throughout the state of New Jersey.

Our History of Partnerships

We have a strong history of successfully navigating three partnerships between clinically strong and fiscally sound organizations with a shared mission.

  • Merger with Steininger Behavioral Care Services- January 2012
  • Merger with Greater Trenton Behavioral HealthCare- July 2015
  • Affiliation with Preferred Behavioral Health Group- January 2017

In each partnership, all programs remained intact and all employees remained with the organization. Most importantly, our number one goal throughout the process was to safeguard the care of the people we serve. The result is a blended organization with greater depth of services and a workforce that offers more opportunities for staff to grow professionally.

Partnership Benefits

  • Strengthen service delivery and advance best practices
  • Improve financial stability
  • Allow growth where current cash flow or capital resources may restrict opportunities
  • Mitigate risk in a changing healthcare environment (i.e., fee for service)
  • Maximize efficiencies  and enhance infrastructure
  • Extend reach to new geographic areas
  • Fill service gaps to improve consumer opportunities
  • Gain higher visibility to attract new market segments and additional funding
  • Provide viable options for transitioning leadership

Are you interested in partnering with Oaks or learning more?

Please contact: Chief Administrative Officer, Tom Haworth, at 609-267-5928 x99910 or