Evesham program drops fear of charges for those who drop drugs

Courier Post, March 23, 2018– The Evesham Police Department is inviting drug users to come to its headquarters on any Monday, without fear of arrest, to find treatment options. They’ll even be able to turn in any drugs or related paraphernalia without being charged with possession.

Evesham is the first police department in Burlington County to participate in the new “Straight … to Treatment” program initiated by the county Prosecutor’s Office. It’s patterned after an Ocean County program that began more than a year ago.

“We want to get an individual the help they came in for, and anyone who comes will be treated with compassion and evaluated,” Prosecutor Scott Coffina announced during a news conference Friday at Evesham police headquarters inside the township municipal building at 984 Tuckerton Road. That evaluation will come from Oaks Integrated Care of Mount Holly, a social service and substance treatment agency that is a partner in the initiative

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