This holiday season, while many of us spend time celebrating with loved ones and finishing up last minute shopping, others face much bigger challenges.

You can make an impact by giving a monetary contribution, providing gifts or sponsoring a family in need. Share the joy! Just imagine the wonderful memories your donation will bring to those who need it the most…

Tom lost custody of his 7-year-old daughter Amber due to his chronic drug abuse. Heartbroken and despondent, he felt without hope until a case worker in an Oaks parenting class reminded him that although he felt at the lowest point in his life, it did not make him a bad person or father. Parenting classes helped Tom think about how he was raised as a child and how he wanted to raise his own child for success in life. Starting with supervised visits, Tom and Amber gradually moved on to unsupervised visitation, improving their communication. They opened up about their feelings toward one another and Amber’s mother, who was battling her own addiction.

The family completed the program in September. Tom subsequently got clean, obtained stable housing and was reunified with Amber. They continue their journey toward improving their relationship, communicating in a healthy, productive way. This year, Tom and Amber are happy and hopeful as they look to celebrating the holidays together.

Over the past 50 years, stories like that of Tom and Amber along with those of our supporters, partners, employees and volunteers have become our story at Oaks Integrated Care – a remarkable story of caring, empowerment, growth and impact made possible by people like YOU!

Please join with us and be a part of our story! As you are reflecting on the holiday season, we hope you will consider sponsoring a family in need, donating gifts or giving a monetary donation. Thank you for sharing the joy!

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