Be a #HungerHero This Summer

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For many families in our area, summer vacation means a struggle to feed their children healthy, filling meals. An estimated 39,000 children in South Jersey are at risk of malnutrition during the summer months when schools’ federal breakfast and lunch programs are not available. For families living below the poverty level, school means more than just education; it also means a dependable source of food. YOU can make a difference! Drop off donations. Monday-Friday, 9am to 5pm, at the following locations: Mt. Holly Food Pantry 770 Woodlane Road, Suite 16 Mt. Holly, NJ 08060 Berlin Food Pantry 128 Cross Keys Road Berlin, NJ 08009 Hold a drive. You can make a difference by hosting a food drive to help replenish our [...]

Check Out Photos of the 2019 Haddonfield Progressive Dinner!

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Thank you to everyone who helped make the 10th Annual Haddonfield Progressive Dinner a success. This event would not be possible without the support of friends like you! Proceeds from the event benefit the Oaks Integrated Care Food Pantries in Berlin and Mt. Holly which serve over 800 families a month. Visit our Flickr page to see all the fantastic photos from the event! Special Thanks to  Edward and Emily Andrewes for graciously hosting the cocktail party And to our Dinner Hosts: Anita & Brad Bendesky * Sharon Dostmann & Rick DeMichele Jen & Sean Leonard * Beth & John Master Colleen & Craig McGettighan * Kathy & Lawrence Morris Kelly & Drew Smith * Barbara & Jack Tarditi And the Chefs: BRIO [...]

Inspiring Women

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Not long ago, I had the pleasure to visit with Mary Wells, the founding director and visionary behind Oaks Integrated Care. Mary has been a mentor and inspiration for me since my earliest days at Oaks and I try to keep in touch with her. As I left her house, I thought about what a truly remarkable and accomplished person she is – and what a remarkable woman she is. I thought about her amazing efforts to start a social service organization and grow it into something so much more. And it caused me to connect Mary with so many other amazing, remarkable and accomplished women who have contributed to our community, nation and world. March is not only [...]

Oaks Earns Accreditation

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In December, Oaks Integrated Care received exciting news – another set of our programs were accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) International, an independent, nonprofit accreditor of health and human services. A total of 41 programs representing ten service areas were peer-reviewed by a five-member accreditation team in October. The surveyors were on-site for three days. They reviewed person-served and staff records as well as agency policies and program manuals. They toured Oaks’ residences and facilities. They spoke with staff and interviewed our consumers/those who receive our services. “Oaks Integrated Care’s staff members are motivated, professional, caring, and well qualified for their positions with a trend toward long tenure. They approach the mission as [...]

Are You Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolution?

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On January 1, so many of us kick off the year feeling full of energy, determination and motivation. Maybe you decided to join a gym, start meditating, throw out that bag of chips in your pantry, vow to stop smoking or even sign up for yoga classes. But now as the month moves along and reality sets in, millions of us will fail to achieve our New Year's resolution goals. You are not alone. In fact, over 80% of people who make New Year’s resolutions fail to achieve them. When we strive to reach unrealistic goals, we ultimately set ourselves up for failure. This sense of failure can have a negative impact on our overall mental and physical health [...]

Human Rights – It’s About Respect

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“I get no respect,” was a phrase made famous in the 1980s by the late comedian Rodney Dangerfield. Dangerfield would then recite a one-liner or an experience he had in which someone had “dissed” [disrespected] him, a punchline that usually ended with laughter at Rodney’s expense. Treating one another with respect, however, is no laughing matter. December marks both National and Universal Human Rights Month. December 10th is observed as Human Rights Day, the anniversary date of the adoption of the Declaration of Universal Human Rights by the United Nations. This year, this important document observes its 70th anniversary. Article I of the Declaration of Universal Human Rights states: “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. [...]

Share the Joy: Tom and Amber’s Story

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This holiday season, while many of us spend time celebrating with loved ones and finishing up last minute shopping, others face much bigger challenges. You can make an impact by giving a monetary contribution, providing gifts or sponsoring a family in need. Share the joy! Just imagine the wonderful memories your donation will bring to those who need it the most... Tom lost custody of his 7-year-old daughter Amber due to his chronic drug abuse. Heartbroken and despondent, he felt without hope until a case worker in an Oaks parenting class reminded him that although he felt at the lowest point in his life, it did not make him a bad person or father. Parenting classes helped Tom think [...]

Self-care Tips for Caregivers

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The most important job for a caregiver will always be providing self-care. Attending to your whole person - emotional, physical, social and spiritual - may be challenging and overwhelming when there seems to be little time available. But when a caregiver ignores his or her needs, there is a significant risk of developing health problems, resulting in the inability to provide care. November is National Family Caregivers Month, a time to honor family caregivers across the country. This year’s theme is “Caregiving Around the Clock,” recognizing the challenges that family caregivers face and how they manage them day and night. Check out the following self-care tips for maintaining health and happiness as a caregiver: Emotional Be aware of feelings [...]

Ways to Give This #GivingTuesday

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Join us this #GivingTuesday to make the holiday season special for children, teens and adults who need it most. For many of us, the holiday season is full of laughter, home-cooked meals, gifts and memories with loved ones. Unfortunately, for families struggling to make ends meet the holidays can be an especially challenging time of year. You can make an impact by giving a monetary contribution, holding a gift drive or by sponsoring a group home or family in need. Just imagine the joy and holiday memories your donation will bring to families struggling to make ends meet. Four Ways You Can Help 1. Donate gifts or hold your own gift drive. We will provide you with all the necessary [...]

Share the Joy This Holiday Season: Now – Dec. 14

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For many of us, the festive holiday season is full of laughter, gifts and memories with loved ones. Unfortunately, for families struggling to make ends meet, the holidays can be an especially challenging time of year. Oaks works with children unable to be with their families, individuals coping with mental illness, and seniors on a lifelong quest to rise above the limitations set by their developmental disability. Just imagine the wonderful memories your donation will bring to those who need it the most. We invite YOU to make this holiday season special for over 4,000 children, teens and adults in our community. Ways to Get Involved: 1. Donate gifts or hold your own gift drive. We will provide you [...]