Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office launches ‘Straight to Treatment’ Program in Evesham

Burlington County Times, March 23, 2018 – Burlington County Prosecutor Scott Coffina on Friday announced the launch of his office’s “Straight to Treatment,” program, which will allow those struggling with addiction to turn in their drugs and paraphernalia at the township police department and meet with a drug and alcohol counselor from Oaks Integrated Care to be placed into treatment.

After the initial screening, the person would then meet with a licensed drug and alcohol counselor from Oaks Integrated Care who would come up with a treatment plan. That could be finding them a detox bed, placing them in inpatient residential treatment, or referring them to an outpatient program, depending on their needs, according to Brenda Brown-Goggins, the vice president of Oaks Integrated Care. The counselor will work with the individual and utilize their insurance, if they have any, to get them into treatment. If they have none, or need some additional funding outside of what their insurance will cover, the counselor will work with them to secure funding from grants, nonprofits and other advocacy groups to pay for their treatment, she said.

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