A Place to Call Home

Everyone deserves a home to live a healthy life and enjoy a future. Residential services such as supportive housing, transitional emergency housing and group homes for adults living with a mental illness or developmental disability can mean the difference between a person lost and a full meaningful productive life.

Housing gives individuals the support needed to reach their highest possible level of independence and become contributing participants in their community. Oaks offers a range of residential options in safe, welcoming environments including over 250 supportive housing residences and over 60 group homes.


Supportive Housing Residences
Group Homes
Individuals Housed

Developmental Disabilities Residential Services

Group Homes

Group homes give adults with developmental disabilities the opportunity to live as their abilities permit in a safe, caring environment with 24/7 supervision. Residents receive the support needed to become contributing participants in their neighborhood and community organizations.

Supported Living

Supported apartments provide independent living for adults ready to live in the community with limited support. Individuals receive assistance with transportation, nutrition, shopping, budgeting and community involvement. Staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

View all services for adults living with developmental disabilities.

Mental Health Residential Services

Group Homes

Group homes provide community based living for adults living with a severe mental illness who have been hospitalized for a minimum of 6 months at a state psychiatric hospital. The homes are structured and therapeutic for individuals during this transitional phase of their lives. The programs focus on community integration and encourage individuals to develop the life skills necessary to sustain successful community living.

Supportive Housing

Without a stable home to live in dignity, it is nearly impossible for individuals and families to move toward wellness and recovery. We believe it is essential to provide a chance for change through housing that is not only safe, permanent and affordable, but also accessible to a range of community resources and transportation.

Supportive housing residents receive the support necessary to become contributing participants in their community and learn to utilize local resources including banks, churches, grocery stores and recreational facilities. The program provides: rental assistance, opportunities for peer support, budgeting assistance, illness management and education/workforce skills development.

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