Mount Holly, NJ- The opioid epidemic has devastated thousands of families across our nation, state and local communities. To help combat this crisis, the Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services awarded Oaks Integrated Care the Opioid Overdose Recovery Program (OORP) in Burlington County. The program, projected to start in October, is part of a state-wide effort to engage and support survivors reversed from an opioid overdose, explore recovery pathways and link them to treatment programs.

Derry Holland, Oaks Integrated Care CEO, shares, “Expanding our mission and continuum of care through addiction programs gives individuals and families increased access to critical services. We all know someone impacted by substance abuse- a family member, friend, neighbor, colleague- the disease has no boundaries. OORP offers survivors hope for recovery and a chance to end the ‘revolving door’ of cycling in and out of treatment.”

The Opioid Overdose Recovery Program will provide outreach to emergency departments in Burlington County to survivors reversed from an opioid overdose. Oaks will work with local health systems to respond in-person to opioid overdose reversals. The goal of the program is to link survivors to substance use disorder treatment opportunities, follow-up care and other community resources to support their recovery. Recovery Specialists and a Patient Navigator will provide outreach, peer support and assist with navigating the system.

Research indicates that the longer people remain involved with treatment and continuing care, the more likely they are to benefit and thrive in their recovery. OORP will offer support to survivors for a minimum of 60 days to help navigate their recovery by exploring treatment opportunities such as outpatient, residential services or medication assisted therapy, that match their readiness for change. This includes connecting the survivor to the recovery community for mutual support from individuals with shared experiences.

Throughout their history, Oaks has cared for individuals and families with substance use and/or co-occurring mental health and addiction disorders in multiple New Jersey counties. The organization takes a holistic approach to recovery by empowering individuals and families in decision-making and addressing barriers to service such as lack of transportation, food insecurity and homelessness.

Oaks Integrated Care offers over 230 health and social service programs for vulnerable adults, children and families throughout New Jersey. For more information, please visit or call the Development Office at 609-267-5928.