Suicide Prevention: 7 Warning Signs & How You Can Help

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Today, September 10th, marks World Suicide Prevention Day and September marks Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. This day and month give us time to connect with those affected by suicide, reflect on how suicide has touched our own lives and to share resources to better support individuals, families and their communities in efforts to prevent suicide. According to the CDC, each year more than 41,000 individuals die by suicide, leaving behind thousands of friends and family members to navigate the tragedy of their loss. Too often people considering suicide are afraid to ask for help, and those who think they see the signs of trouble are reluctant to be wrong and then offend, or cause embarrassment. NAMI reports that suicide [...]

September is National Recovery Month

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Every September, National Recovery Month increases awareness and understanding of mental and substance use disorders and encourages individuals in need of treatment and recovery services to seek help. Recovery Month celebrates individuals living their lives in recovery and recognizes the dedicated workers who provide the prevention, treatment, and recovery support services that make it possible. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health reported that in 2016, approximately 20 million people aged 12 or older had a substance use disorder and about 44.7 million Americans aged 18 and older experienced a mental disorder. An estimated 2.6 million adults aged 18 or older had co-occurring serious mental illness and substance use disorder. Recovery can mean many different things for many [...]

Over 1,030 Backpacks Donated

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With your help, over 1,030 children and teens went back to school with backpacks stuffed to the max with supplies. All donations –backpacks, lunchboxes, highlighters, markers, notebooks and more– were sorted and distributed to children in need of support. It’s because of YOU that children have the chance to start the school year with the tools and confidence needed to succeed! Thank you for all the groups that held drives! Here are a few photos from this year’s drive: St. Luke's Lutheran Church Ikea Amica Insurance Company  Innovairre Capehart and Scatchard Starbucks Surety Title Gannett Flemming Thanks again to everyone who helped make this year’s Operation Fill-A-Backpack Drive a success. If you have pictures of your own backpack drive, we’d love to see them! Post [...]

Finding a Safe, Affordable Place to Call Home

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What causes homelessness? Unemployment, unaddressed health issues, eviction and the high cost of living in New Jersey are frequently cited as why people become homeless. Lack of affordable housing is another cause of homelessness.   The need for affordable housing in New Jersey is significant and has been referred to as an affordable housing crisis. The affordable housing crisis in New Jersey dates back to over 40 years ago. The Township of Mount Laurel developed a zoning ordinance that essentially banned affordable housing units such as apartments, trailer parks and multi-family units. The Township was sued and the case was taken up by the New Jersey Supreme Court who declared that the Mount Laurel zoning ordinance prevented affordable housing [...]

Operation Fill-A-Backpack Kicks Off August 1

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 Give a Child the Confidence Needed to Succeed Now - August 17 It may feel like summer just started, but ‘Back to School’ is just around the corner! Children throughout the community will pick out new pencils, notebooks, binders and more for their first day of school. When children return to school without these basic school supplies, it can have a devastating impact on their education. Unfortunately, many parents of children in Oaks Integrated Care programs cannot afford new backpacks and essential supplies for the upcoming school year. These essential items will give a child hope and the confidence needed to start the school year off on the right foot! You can help! #FillABackpack 1. Run your OWN Operation Fill-A-Backpack drive Get [...]

Save the Date: Moorestown Progressive Dinner

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Mark your calendars for an evening of food, friends and fun all in the name of charity. Our Moorestown Progressive Dinner will be October 19, 2018! Proceeds from the event benefit the Oaks Integrated Care Food Pantries which serve over 800 families a month. Begin the evening with a fantastic cocktail and hors d’oeuvres reception. From there, move on to a dinner home to enjoy an intimate dinner with friends prepared by a talented area chef in a Moorestown home. For more information about hosting a dinner, ticket sales or sponsorships, contact the Development Office at 609-267-5928 or visit www.oaksintcare.org. 2017 Moorestown Progressive Dinner hosts Please take a moment to enjoy all the photos from last year’s Moorestown Progressive Dinner! [...]

TJ’s Story: The Power of Progress

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Imagine if your eleven-year-old child… Was too terrified to have his hair cut with clippers. Hated to shower because he avoided the water. Never sat down for dinner due to his need to pace. Could not tie his own shoes. This is the life of a family struggling to care for their son TJ who is living with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Desperate for help, they connected to our Bridging Family Support program. The program provides intensive in-home services such as therapy, daily living skills development and behavior management for individuals of all ages with developmental/intellectual disabilities and their families. Fast forward to New Year’s Eve, TJ sat with his family for the entire dinner for the first time. Just [...]

Roundtable: The Opioid Epidemic

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SJ Magazine, July 2018 - Continuing their influential roundtable series on topics important to South Jersey, SJ Magazine’s Marianne Aleardi hosted 13 SJ leaders to discuss the widespread opioid epidemic. Participants shared passionate stories of their first-hand experiences working to combat the growing problem.   On what people say about addiction…  I hear this one a lot: “Didn’t they know better?” My message is: Look at me. I knew better. I treated probably 1,000 overdoses in my career as a paramedic. However, when it came down to an opportunity to numb hurtful things in my life, it just became an easy road to go down. If it was as simple as knowing better, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. -Stephen Kavalkovich The most horrible thing I [...]

Check Out Our 50th Anniversary Honorees & Celebration Photos!

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You Are Our Story Thank you to everyone who joined us to celebrate Oak's 50th Anniversary! You helped make the celebration of this special milestone a great success. We would not have made it this far without the support of our special donors, volunteers and partners like you! Your dedication to our mission continues to shape our story. Congratulations to our honorees: LEGACY AWARD The Whitesell and Heitzman Family  Tom and Deborah Whitesell and Tom and Evan Heitzman represent two generations of unwavering support for Oaks Integrated Care. For nearly three decades, the family has shown dedication to our mission through corporate event support, donations and volunteer work.  Inspired by the drive and passion he saw in Executive Director [...]

Three Ways to Prevent Caregiver Burnout

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It is estimated that 65 million Americans provided caregiving duties in the past year. Many family members take on caregiving duties because they already have a relationship with the person in need and caregiving duties can often be provided at little to no cost. Family members also feel a sense of duty to care for their loved ones. The responsibility of caregiving is significant and can take a toll on the caregiver’s physical and emotional health. Caregivers may feel isolated or alone in their duties. Caregiving responsibilities may strain relationships, put financial pressure on the caregiver and cause stress to rise among family members. Caregivers are also more likely to experience depression, poor health habits, poor sleeping habits, stress [...]